Experiment fail

As you know, we do family nights on Friday and Saturday. This week I threw in a fun experiment that I just knew would be fun for everybody…

It failed miserably. If you must know, I was making 2 ingredient play dough. Problem was I wanted to see if I could use coconut oil in place of conditioner since my son has severe eczema. This recipe turned out genius but not for pay dough. I did attempt the corn starch and conditioner but I jumped right in without reading how much of what. Miserable disaster. First it was gummy then dry then brittle then back to gummy. I gave up and we just played with the goop with the promise that next time I follow the directions.
As for the coconut oil and corn starch… It was brilliant! Like I said, my son has severe eczema and he was prescribed 5 different steroid creams. 5! He’s only 1.5 years old right now. Well,  I rarely use the steroids unless his flare is that bad. I switch from cream to cream to cream and always use coconut oil.
With this experiment this weekend being a fail, I wasn’t about to waste my precious coconut oil. I put the mixture in the bathroom and when Little Mr came out of the shower, I rubbed him down good with it. I was shocked! The texture was so silky smooth. Feels like smooth velvet. It didn’t liquidify like just the plain oil does. So I was super curious to how it actually felt on my skin. I used it on my face, since I had some small breakouts and face skin is sensitive. I feel in more love if that’s possible. I have some expensive face primer that I use on very special occasions and this feels even better than that.
It’s been 3 days and my son’s flare is almost healed and the texture of my face is smoothing out. Not sure how I made it since it was an accident but only 2 ingredients, can’t be too hard to recreate


Cornstarch and coconut oil. That’s it. Doesn’t get any simpler.


Texture looks crumbly but it isn’t, it’s thick and silky. Little bit goes a long way.

Next time I make this, I will keep up with my measurements and get you a better recipe. Hope this goof for me is a good solution for you.


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