Family Nights

Do you have any family activities that you look forward to? Behavior or circumstances doesn’t stop you from any one thing you do as a family? We have family nights on Friday and Saturday nights. We rent a movie from RedBox,  get all our blankets, pillows and stuffed animals and pile up in the living room together. If all chores have been done through the week, the kids pick something cool, fun or delicious to make before the movie to enjoy.
Usually the mess isn’t an issue. I love spending this time with my kids. We have this really cool popcorn maker that I make “special” popcorn and we mix it with what we’ve baked that night. Usually cake, brownies, cookies or a candy of some sort. Since the kids aren’t allowed sweets, this is always something to look forward to.
Sometimes we do board games. Those are rare cause the girls can’t seem to get along long enough together for that. Summer time it’s bonfires and camping in the back of the truck. This year with the help of Pinterest I’ll be making a summer bucket list. Something to do everyday of summer vacation. I hope to use some homeschooling activities and record our adventures. (and if course I’ll be posting here too)
Do you do anything? If so, leave me a comment and if you have suggestions, I would love to hear them. Looking forward to some new fun


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