Parenting is a sacrifice

That sounds harsh doesn’t it? Parenting is a loss of freedom. You no longer shower alone, pee alone, cook alone, clean alone, sleep alone or think alone. You also don’t get the luxuries of being in pain alone. You are a parent, you are in pain, what do you do? In my case, I have to wait till my Mr come home to take pain meds that makes me drunk. OR I get to haul all my beautiful babies into a doctor’s office, get those awful stares, comments and get treated as just a stupid woman who can find someone to watch her kids.
I make a decision everyday to be a parent. To put their needs in front of mine. They eat first, then I get leftovers or eat over the stove, they get to watch the new Doc McStuffin’s over me getting a small nap. I will gladly give up things to be able to give to my family.
With three girls you’d think we’d have hair brushing down to a science but no. Sometimes, I brush the same kids hair 3 times and the are times I realize nobody’s hair has been brushed (too busy trying to go pee alone probably).
A these little freedoms you don’t think about, you’re giving them up.
You know what? Looking at the sacrifices I’ve made vs the pleasures I have found, I think I am the one that gets the best deal. I mean, how else would I know that my brand new bottle of shampoo is empty if I didn’t have little helpers around?


3 thoughts on “Parenting is a sacrifice

  1. I get what you’re saying about not having “the luxury of being in pain alone” once you become a parent! It is quite a challenge. But, on the other hand, some times it’s a welcome distraction and helps me not sweat the small stuff as much anymore 🙂

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