10 things that being a wife and mommy has taught me


1. Being a lone person made me weak. If I was tired or hurting, I just didn’t do it.

2. I have many faces. Wife, mommy, cook, taxi, doctor, councilor, judge, jury, maid, referee, supporter, advocate, help meet, best friend…

3. I don’t enjoy the things I love. I love the things I don’t enjoy. If I can’t share it with my family, I don’t want anything to do with it.

4. I’m much stronger than I think I am. I must be. My kids think I’m Super Woman

5. There is always something to cook. Kids let you know that because there’s no food doesn’t mean you can’t come up with something.

6. My husband’s voice can calm me better than any drug or alcohol.

7. A shower alone is a treasured moment, even if only long enough to get soap in your eyes

8. A lost blanket can cause your ears to bleed

9. Being my husband’s help meet has filled my life more than I could have ever imagined

10. Each moment passed is a moment gone. Can’t get that moment back. Better pay attention and cherish it, even the bad, cause now it’s a memory


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