When its red paint

I’m sitting here in my bathtub looking at what a week ago made me so angry, today makes me laugh. See, a week ago me and the kids came home from my parents pulling a trailer with a lawn mower and a gallon of red oil based paint in it. It just happened that the paint turned over and spilled.
My 5 and 3 just thought that was the coolest thing to play in while I was in the house unpacking all our stuff. There was red paint all over them. More of the paint on them than in the trailer. I was seeing red beyond the paint. Had them come in and take a bath which left my tub red. Not bad but red.
The next day, the same two girls sneak outside and play again. This time more red gets on them. They decide to wash the baby boys white blonde hair in it. I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t even speak. I text Mr so see if he knew what to do, he asked his mom (professional painter) and we only come up with WD40. I run through the house pulling stuff out with no avail. Ran to the bathroom and saw my coconut oil that I use for my hair. I get a chuck of it and started slathering it all in his hair. Guess what?! The paint turned to water!!! It took it off his severe eczema rashed skin too without irritating it more he is flared due to the trip.  (Thank you LouAna) I tested it on the tub and it wiped the paint right out. (So if you ever need to remove oil based paint easily and quickly, reach for the pure coconut oil.)
Back to sitting in the tub. I see this red paint that is still everywhere and I think how funny it was that I was so angry and upset. These are little moments that are funny. They happen all the time but the funny part is always seen after the fact. You know what, paint can be cleaned up. I’m not so sure now that I really want it all cleaned…



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