TV families

I have a problem with all these families on TV. Their perfect lives, their perfect problems, their perfect solutions. My family is about as far from perfect as we are close to heaven. These families at warm and inviting even in the troubled times. Always getting along and if not, it takes very little to put it back together. A hug and a kiss and always happily ending.

My family isn’t anything like that. We argue, fuss and disagree on everything. We butt heads more often than not. We can’t get along for anything unless ice cream is involved. We yell, (yes I know I shouldn’t say that) we threaten, (take everything away) we send them to their room for the day (with no TV). It’s never ending. Night time is the worst. You would think after all these years that the nighttime routine would be the easiest but it isn’t. There is tattle telling, hitting, slapping, pinching, poking, touching, looking, yelling, arguing, sneaking, hiding, distracting, everything you could possibly think of to keep from getting into bed. Then you need a drink of water, potty and a prayer. All 2 hours after the “time for bed” alarm goes off. Yes I have an alarm for that, breakfast, lunch, dinner, wakeup, bus and anything else I need to remember.
None of that is ever on TV or movies. It’s always cuddles and loves, ooh’s and ahh’s. It’s I’m sorry and smiles. The family has a group hug and lights out. The only way to get lights out here is remove the light bulb.
Our kids don’t watch a lot of TV so they don’t care if you take that away. We don’t have any video games in our house. They don’t have cell phones, kindles, iPad’s, mp3 players, or anything electronic like that. The one thing they think they can’t live without is books and I will never take their books away.
We do family nights on Friday and Saturday. We pile all the blankets and pillows in the house in the living room floor and watch a movie from RedBox. Pop popcorn, candy, chips, just all the junk food they aren’t allowed to have along with fruits and stuff. So it’s not like we aren’t a functioning loving family cause we are.

But we are not a TV family

Our problems are real. We aren’t civil sometimes. We say things that hurt. We fight back when we should turn the other cheek. We don’t have a happy ending at the end of the night. And it makes me feel that I am a failure as a parent because I can’t ever get that in my house. I fail because a happy home doesn’t happen the way mine does. I know that because TV says so… I know that’s a stupid statement but it gets my point across
What I need is to see real problems that don’t have easy solutions. Problems that occur more than once. Problems that you make the wrong decisions on. I need to see that I’m not a failure. I’m not hopeless. I’m not the worst parent ever. That others go through this and it’s ok. That it’s ok to not like your children even though you love them with all your heart.

I need to know I’m not alone…

So, dear TV families, I do not like you for making society think our families aren’t good enough, strong enough or loving enough…

Because we are


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