I Miss Blogging

I started this blog a year ago! My how time has flown and so many changes. Good, Bad, OK, Not so OK. I have survived my 4th pregnancy. Had to receive the news of my Mom’s lung cancer 10 days before my due date. Made the very hard decision of inducing labor early to be able to go to my Mom in her time of need. I had a tumor removed and suffered from 3 counts of MRSA infections in the 6 months that my son has been born. I thought I was going to have to give up the bonding of breastfeeding during this time. (I didn’t have to) and still take care of my family of 6 in all of this. I have started losing all my baby weight from the last 7 years of childbearing. 25lbs so far with 25 more to go. Hub’s job has moved across the county to another store. He is almost an hour away now. He doesn’t have the stress from the older store but now he has the stress of travel and never being home anymore. We have paid off our house and now trying to finish all our little projects that just kept getting put on hold.

With all this going on, I really miss blogging here and I am making a commitment to you and to myself that I will begin to blog more. Even if it’s just a few words to check in. I am going to get back to normal if that is even possible. I do most of my blogging from my phone and the computer version of WordPress confuses me. Hopefully, after Christmas, I can score a cheap laptop so I can work late night while everybody is in bed. I have a lot of expectations for me and my family. Putting my commitment there and then coming here to share.

I look forward to a whole new year from here….




2 thoughts on “I Miss Blogging

  1. Glad to see you picking it up again- I like peeking into your life updates.. After Christmas I plan on getting a cheap laptop too, Walmart has some for like $300.. Anywho.. Happy blogging girl

  2. Just found your blog.. I was wondering how people keep up… I have been on a private blog for years… but became public out of being blogged down 🙂 with too many emails and phone conversations as everyone needs to know the lates and greatest… kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com… so i began…
    thanks for sharing… please check out my blog…

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