Random Things

Just some random info you may or may not know

I really really enjoy motorcycles. Best job I ever had, I started out selling them then moved into the service department. The job was the best. I could drive/ride anything I want. Learned a hard lesson too one day. Customer came in that had bought a Repsol. Asked if he would ride me around the block. I meant the block the building was on not the circle around the interstate. Out of the parking lot we were up to 110mph, in the straight away we hit 170. I lost my contacts at that point. Coming back into the store, we were in 1 wheel. Yeah, I never did that again.


I like skulls. Not like real bone skulls but pictures and drawings of skulls. They are mysterious and intriguing to me. I enjoy black and grey tattoos of skulls as well charcoal drawings. It’s a bit morbid I guess but we all have a dark side right?



I hate anything that has bones in it. Funny that I just said I like skulls, right? My Grandma, she was my best friend in the whole world, use to make salmon patties with bones in them. I never ate anything with a bone in it after that. My mother in law is one of the best cooks I know. She makes this AMAZING chicken salad and chicken bog. Every time I try to eat, I find a bone. I’ve sat and watched her clean the chicken too. Just my luck. The one exception to the rule is ribs. I will lick some rib bones clean, yum, yum.

I love Winnie the Pooh. Not the new one but the old one. He’s so cute and cuddly. I had tons of collectables and over the years they have all disappeared or I have sold them. I still have my very old story of Pooh. I have it put up far away from the kids. It’s hid so well that I can’t find it right now. Pooh is such a silly ole bear with so much to learn from. He has and always be dear to me


There are a lot more randomness but I will save it for a later post



One thought on “Random Things

  1. Rib bones are certainly different.

    And Sugar Skulls are a very, very real tattoo phenomenon that I love and they’re far from morbid, so I see nothing wrong with your skull liking. (skull licking, as I originally typed, however, would be an entirely different thing).

    Motorcycles . . . while part of me would love a Harley, I know how uncoordinated I am, and how badly I’d crash.

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