Quick update

As always, there is something going on in my life. Just want to update you and let you know I didn’t just forget y’all. I had a lump removed from my hip. It came up while I was in the hospital having Trei. With the news of my mom’s cancer still stinging my heart, I had it removed and biopsied. It wasn’t cancerous, thank God! Just a fatty/scar like mass that was infected. I am all good there, but then an ant bit me on Saturday, on Sunday I was in urgent care having a hole cut into me to drain infection. I went back yesterday to have packing removed and the doctor confirmed that I had MRSA. Yay me  So I have a hole, full of packing, extremely painful and right where my son lays to nurse. Speaking of my son, he found something interesting to play with yesterday… he is only 12 weeks old but he figured out how to hold his penis while I am changing his diaper, only part he hasn’t figured out is to let it go when I set his legs down. His scream was blood curdling. He now has this red mark going down his penis where he had a tight grasp and I caused him to “rip it” outta his hand. Poor baby, I never thought about penis injury before zippers come into his life.

That’s it, I hope. I am ready to be done with being sick and tired.


BTW, I redid my about page, let me know what y’all think


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