Beautiful inside and out

Recently, I was contacted by a company to try their product and post my opinion. The company was eShakti. If your like me, I wasn’t too familiar with them. So I did what any curious person would do, I checked out everything on their site. By the time I had read their mission statement, I was sold on their idea. Beautiful stock dresses, classic, trendy very stylish with YOUR own custom sizes. That’s right, your own custom size. You can order a dress from size 0-26W and then send them your measurements (they show you what and where to measure) for a custom sized dress. You even get to choose what type sleeve in your dress. No two dresses are ever the same.
The hardest part for me was picking the right dress. I chose a very modest, very traditional style dress. I am several weeks postpartum so my body is changing constantly and I wanted something that would also transition with those changes. I also have what I call the extra bye-bye flab under my arms so I changed my sleeve to a 3/4 sleeve. The dress was packaged in a waterproof package inside a plastic sealed bag. I slid the dress out and it was in near perfect condition, needing only a light ironing. I quickly inspected the stitching and seams. Everything was beautiful in the craftsmanship of this dress. I was also surprised to find the print on the dress wasn’t a print at all, it was embroidered. All the more to add to the romance of this dress.
I did wear this dress to have my family pictures made in. My husband was truly amazed when he saw the dress. With being postpartum and certain body issues that I have, he thought the fit and style was perfect for me. Then the dress was put to the test of awkward positions and being pulled on by my three girls. After the session was over (it took an hour) the dress still looked as if it had just been pressed. My husband liked the dress so much, he even asked if I could wear it the rest of the day.
My overall opinion of eShakti is great. I love the concept of having a large line of clothing to choose from. Their styles range from very classic to very modern. They leave no generation out of their lines. The craftmanship was the best. I know that this dress was made for me, my measurements and it didn’t appear to just be “thrown together”. The turn around time was around 2 weeks from order to receive which seemed very reasonable for an item of this nature. It was also very comfortable to wear. Again, the fit was perfect.
I was given this product for free to try out and give my honest opinion on. I would like to thank eShatki for giving me opportunity to test their product and express my honest opinion.


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