A lot in a week

I love my little family. Most of you know that already. Everyday is a new challenge, a new adventure. I have spent the first of the week preparing for the end of the week. My oldest started school on Wednesday at The Academy of Hope. We had school supplies we needed to get and she is required to wear a uniform. She has been very vocal lately about being more modest and wearing more dresses and skirts. I did try my best to find things she could use at school and be comfortable in.
The school is a public charter school in its second year. Last year it shared a new building with a church. This year, they have bought their own building. It is a very old school that has been a little of everything. The school has less than 200 students and faculty. The building they are in now is tiny. Maybe 20 classrooms. The school started with grades K-4 last year and added fifth this year. They will continue to add a grade each year up to eighth. It’s also a year around school. The calendar fits families here much better than just the summer off calendar.
Also this week, I had a little minor surgery on my hip. When Baby Boy was born, I had a lump to come up on my right hip. It showed up that night, just out of the blue. It had been 8 weeks and hadn’t shrunk nor did it get any bigger. My surgeon said the it seemed to be a fibrous mass and he couldn’t needle biopsy it, it would need to be removed. He wasn’t very concerned about the lump but with the recent history of cancer with my mom, he just wanted to be on the safe side. So yesterday, I had it removed. Very simple, less than 2 hours in and out of the hospital. I will get the results sometime next week.
One last thing, with the pain medicine, it makes me groggy and drunk. Last night when we were in bed, I was falling asleep with my hand on my husband’s chest. He was watching some action something on tv. I dozed off, then suddenly I jumped and screamed “NO!!!” at him. I instantly woke and was embaressed, hubs was in shock, afraid to move, then started laughing uncontrollably at me. I had dreamed the hubs was about to “Gibbs” slap Gibbs (NCIS). I was terrified and screamed at him before he could follow through. Apparently I thought it was very real and literally screamed at my husband in my sleep. I think he will crack up the next time he sees a “Gibbs” slap 😉



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