Its been 2 months already

Baby boy is 2 months old today. Gosh, where did the last 8 weeks go to? I look at this baby and I can’t help but think he very existance all depends on me. He could not live without me in anyway. (Me being an adult) He can’t fix his own food, he can’t clean himself, he can’t drink just anything, he can’t defend himself. There is so much this tiny little boy can’t do but there is so much that he can do.
He can melt my heart with just one look. He can make all types of people come together in peace, even just for a moment. He smiles this big gummy grin and gets anything he wants. He also scream with that same gummy mouth and gets whatever he wants. He coo’s and babbles for hours at a time. He loves to be talked to. His sisters will drop everything just for a chance to take care of him. He loves to lay beside you and just look at you. He gets so excited to see and hear his daddy.
Baby boy has been a true blessing to many others too. My mom is fighting her cancer not only to live but to see him grow. My daddy has waited 38 years to have a boy. And he is named after my husband and his father, which passed away in 2000 from lung cancer.
I will be taking him this week for professional pics but here is just a snapshot for now…



2 thoughts on “Its been 2 months already

  1. Babies really do bring people together don’t they??

    I miss that age! Where their main source of entertainment is you! Their so new and amazing and soaking in so much!

    He is one handsome boy. I love the onesie! Congrats πŸ™‚

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