Cold Hard Truths


I haven’t been out of my bedroom for more than 2 hours a day for almost 5 weeks now

My kids like to dance on my coffee table

I suck really bad at cooking

I suck even more at cleaning

I forget to eat since baby boy has been born

I don’t want to leave my house without my husband

I don’t want to drive a vehicle anymore

I would like a break from my kids

I would love a date with my husband

I would drop things to help friends in the past

I no longer drop things to help people anymore

I feel used

I feel not needed at times

I don’t trust people the way I use to

I’m neieve at times

I love the country

I hate beach traffic

I feel like I fail as a parent

I feel like I fail as a wife

I love my house

I would follow my husband to the edge of the earth and jump off if he wants to do that.

I love my children with no end

My children drive me insane

I talk too much

I listen too little

I love baby sneezes

I hate to hear the pain in my mom’s voice when she talks about her cancer

I hate cancer

I feel alone most of the time

I’m not patient anymore

I love trucks

I never liked country music until now

I hate my body

I know “you have the most beautiful face” translates to “I don’t like your body either”

I love horror movies but can’t find anything to scare me

I am a Redbox addict

These are just a few of my truths. Some you may know, some you might not. I think my family will be shocked after reading this, we will just see.


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