Life goes on…

Tomorrow baby boy will be two weeks old. I can’t believe how fast time flies. He has his own little personality already. He loves sleep (who don’t). He loves to eat. He is such a little vampire. I’m just starting to heal from his ferocious latch that he has. He is so cute though, when really hungry, he snorts like a little piggy. Can’t help but giggle a little through the pain. He has his Daddy wrapped completely. None of our children has ever been allowed to sleep with us, ever. Not even when they were sick. Little man does though. Girls do now too but daddy won’t admit that he wants them in bed. Baby boy is a really good baby. Perfect in every way. I am proud to have him in my life.


Girls are adjusting, not as well as we would like, but adjusting. The baby girl is having the hardest time. She is all out brat mode. She wants it all. If she doesn’t get it, in the floor temper tantrum. I feel she is angry with me and I understand that. She just don’t know how to deal with mommy being so occupied with baby. On a positive note, she is potty training herself and doing such a great job. Less diapers is always good.


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