Do you know what you are feeding your kids?

When my oldest was between the ages of 3 and 4, she began to act out very badly. Extremely bad at times. She once, threatened me that she “would hit me with a hammer in the head until I was dead!” Our kids aren’t allowed to watch anything much more violent than Disney. I was very concerned and took her to a counselor that diagnosed her with ADHD. I researched everything I could on the subject. I understood some of the diagnosis but not with everything. My mother in law suggested that I look into The Feingold Diet. I bought his book Why Can’t My Child Behave and instantly started reading it. Within a few days, I had most of us on this diet. I was so shocked to read  about the ingrediants in most processed food. I was speachless for a while.

The diet was going great and we INSTANTLY saw a change in our oldest. She was paying attention and alert to everything around her. She was nice to be around too. I learned a lot while doing the diet. Unfortunately, we were only to stick to the diet for about 6 months due to gutting/moving into our new house, convenience and cost but the  long term effects are still visible to all those who have known us a long time. She is still an avid learner and loves sports as long as she is challenged. We will occasionally go back to the diet when we see her behavior get out of hand.

Now we are getting to what this post is really about. I am going to show you some pictures of some things I have come across the last couple of days.

This is Trisodium Phosphate. It is sold in home improvement stores in the cleaners/paint remover asiles. The Wikipedia definintion of this product is as follows: Sodium phosphate (TSP, E339) is a cleaning agent, food additive, stain remover and degreaser. Trisodium phosphate was at one time extensively used in formulations for a wide variety of consumer grade soaps and detergents, but ecological problems have largely ended that practice, at least in the western world. Substitutes are not as effective, but the raw chemical can be bought in bulk to add to underpowered detergents. TSP is still sold, and used, as a cleaning agent, but during the late 1960s in the United States,[citation needed] government regulators in seventeen states determined that overuse led to a series of ecological problems.[3] 

The next 2 pictures are taken in my house as I was about to throw some boxes away.



This is 2 major name brand cereals. Most people give these cereals to their infants that are learning to pick things up with their fingers and snack. The “KIX”s love to “CHEER”io when they learn to eat with these cereals. As you can tell, they are made by the same company and they support heath and the enviroment. Didn’t I see that TSP is NOT safe for the environment? Ok, so why are we feeding this to our children? I, probably like you, thought that these were safe, nutritional, alternative to all that sugary stuff in the fun boxes. I have held out on buying these sugary types of cereals because, well, because they are full of sugar, preservatives, colors (don’t get me started on red#40 or some of the others) and who knows what else is in “artificial flavors”.

I thought I was buying good when I bought these products because of the vitamins and minerals, they were name brand and were made by a very big company that seemed to care about the things I do. I knew that one of these products were in my Feingold diet but my publishing date is outdated now. I have a feeling this isn’t in the safe list anymore. I am very concerned about what my kids eat. Why are all of us not more concerned, I can understand that convenience is HUGE. It is here too but I do try to steer clear of obvious things, like trisodium phosphate. Maybe it’s something that you didn’t know. I didn’t know any of this til I read the Feingold Diet.

Maybe that is why I am here as Because Mama Said So.  I am here to help others understand that it’s not everything you think something is. Whatever the reason, maybe I helped one more person see the junk that is being fed to our children and passed off as a good thing.


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