Playing catch-up

These last two weeks has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. I’m beyond tired and stressed. We started this coaster ride on March 26th. We had our OB/GYN appointment, which we saw the midwife. She assured me that we can get baby boy turned correctly, gave me some exercises to do and told me about a procedure they can do in office. I felt so much better after that appointment. Then we were off to the dentist so my husband could get his temporary crown from his root canal. There ended up being more work involved in that than they expected, so that took an hour longer. Then we picked up our oldest, loaded our van and set out to my parents house, 5 hours away.
Our trip was a very good, uneventful trip. Which with 3 kids and a very preggers mommy is always good. At my parents house, I had a birthday that I tried to let slip by. We celebrated Monkey’s 4th birthday since we were with family. I helped my Mom fill out pre-op papers for her surgery that was scheduled for later this month. Me and my husband looked into their medicare benefits and did all the insurance inquires. I was able to see my best friend that I haven’t seen in a very long time. I was so excited about our “date”. Hubs took me to downtown Greenville to Mast General Store where they sell old fashion candy and I was able to get a Cherry Mash. We went to a baby store and test drove strollers and car seats. It was just a very busy week.
When I had left my “date” with my best friend, I called my Mom to see if she needed anything. She was very horse. (My Mom has emphysema, COPD, scar tissue on her lungs and is on oxygen) I hung up with her because her neighbors had walked up (remember this). I called her new doctor and scheduled an emergency appointment. This was Thursday evening and they worked her in on Monday.
We had Monkey’s birthday party on Friday and prepared to leave the following day. We went by my mother-in-law’s house on the way out of time. Spent some time with hub’s mom and sister.
Fast forward to Monday. My Mom goes to her doctor’s appointment. She has an upper respiratory infection. Something we expected. What we didn’t expect was her neighbor (the one from earlier, that had stopped out at her house on Thursday before) was dead. When she had stopped at my Mom’s house that evening, she had thought she had stepped in a fire ant bed. She didn’t know til she was in the hospital later that she was bit by a snake. By Saturday night, she was dead.
Well, my parents are dealing with the death, plus knowing there is a live snake in their yard that could do that, then my Mom had an appointment with her lung doctor. That’s when we found out about the pneumonia and a spot that was found on her lung.
Time for panic to start setting in on me. We are now waiting on all the meds to work so we can find out about this spot. But there is a huge BUT. Her lung doctor will not allow her to be put to sleep at all. Even with everything cleared up. Her lungs are just too weak. So whether her spot is good or bad, they can’t do anything about it if it involves sedation.
Now comes to the sickness in my house. Punkydoodles started a fever this past Saturday. Meds will bring them down temporarily but not for long. In my experiences with fevers in the past, I knew she was at risk for seizures so I have kept her right by my side. She has even been sleeping in baby boy’s crib. Her fevers are very high when they peak. Usually around 104-105. When she isn’t burning up, she’s around 100. We had her in the peds office first thing yesterday and the doctor said she had a very bad sinus infection. He was able to tell me that she has a really bad sore throat and her ears hurt too. He gave her amoxicillin and instructed me to add more ibuprofen to what I was giving her. As of last night, we still are dealing with 104 temp.image

I am going to finish this very long post on a somewhat good note. After my OB appointment yesterday, the doctor thinks Trei has finally turned head down. Not 100% sure but she thinks so. I start stress test every week in 2 weeks and she will take a quick ultrasound to make sure. That is a huge weight lifted if he has turned with only 6 weeks left or less.


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