Really Huggies???

Because Mama Said SoYesterday, I was watching some tv while I was waiting on my husband to pick me up so I could go grocery shopping. This commercial came on that stopped my girls in their tracks. It had babies, lots of babies. And daddies. They were in this room, feeding their babes, all in recliners. It was really quite and the narrator was explaining that Huggies had dad’s feeding their offspring lots of milk (extra) for this purpose, then waited as their children napped. “Could daddies handle this” is the purpose behind this. It shows their sleeping babies cradled in their arms and one dad even touch the bottom of his child and wiped his fingers as if he had just touched something gross, or had expected to. To conclude this commercial, the sun is going down, with time passing and the dads are fist bumping as if they accomplished this huge feat.

Let me just say, I understand (kinda) the meaning they tried to convey, but all I could think was, REALLY??? Men could not change a diaper correctly enough to prevent a spill or men couldn’t stand the idea that their child may (or may not) have an accident. That men couldn’t do any task other than sit around in their recliners during nap time and fist bump. They could not attempt real life situations that might involve a dad to interact with diaper changing.

This is my opinion and I do not want to imply that you must agree with me. I find it disturbing that Huggies chose the easiest route to advertise their product. By stereotyping the men as bumbling fools that couldn’t do more than sit with a napping child. This offends me as a mother and as the wife of a husband that would change the worst of the worst of diapers without a complaint or a whine. If they wanted to show how well this diaper works, then why not show daddy playing with their babes on a playground, in a festival, a family reunion, in an environment where he is interacting with his child. Instead of stereotyping. There is enough of that without commercials highlighting it.

I have 3 completely wild and crazy little girls. One still in diapers, one in diapers at night and one completely trained. I also have a son due in May. Huggies has sent me samples and coupons and I have used them in the past. I went through my stash yesterday and threw these things out. I am so disappointed in the direction that they took. I will no longer buy any of their products and their wipes were the only ones I EVER used. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way about their ad campaign. I did a small rant on Twitter yesterday and found a hoard of people who feel the same way. One dad that I have known for a while now has a blog dedicated to daddy and diapers and then I met a single dad recently that has a blog dedicated to his kids and that he is a part of their lives regardless of the circumstance There are many, many more out there, including my husband These men go to great lengths to break the stereotypes out there and why do they do it? Because they are fathers that love their children and would do anything, including change dirty diapers, for their children.

Huggies, I hope you have learned your lesson. Think long and hard before putting out another ad that shows anybody taking the easy route to sell your product.


7 thoughts on “Really Huggies???

  1. Bravo! I don’t have any kids, but I don’t think that matters. I am so tired of the stereotypes promulgated by these companies. Have you ever seen a commercial where a man vacuums, for instance? One voice at a time and they’ll eventually get the message. Great post!

  2. When I saw this commercial at first I didn’t even get it… The thought that Huggies would paint dads in this light was beyond my comprehension. As a stay-at-home dad the campaign showing dads as sub-par caregivers is in horrible taste and I’ll be showing them how I feel with my money…

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m offended as a sahm. I know what it means to my hubs to spend quality time with our kids. Diapers or anything else, never stopped him from wanting to be the best dad he could possibly be.

  3. I agree. I hate the stupid man and baby ads. Just as bad are the ones that roll around during football season. Are men in this counrty really such overweight slobs that can’t do anything unless sit in a recliner? I don’t know who these people are but I don’t know anyone like that. If I was a man I’d be pissed. You’d better believe women wouldn’t stand for it.

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  5. Dads are ‘the last blonde joke’ – portrayed by the advertising industry as incompetent buffoons. My hubby is actually hurt & defensive about it. And why not? He knew more about diapering than I did when our first child was born. He’s the one who puts the 2 y/o & 4 y/o through bath & bed cycle every night; and he will be taking a year off work to parent our 3 kids under 5. I don’t want to say be a ‘stay at home dad’ b/c we’re never home & he’s still their dad no matter where he is (home, work, or driving between). At the playgroups & in our neighbourhood we are seeing more ‘stay at home’ or very involved dads who are committed to their children. I could go on endlessly about the dads I see actively involved in raising their children – college professors, pastors, methadone addicts, tradesmen – you name it, these are the dads in my neighbourhood. And they are out, being dads.

    It’s sad that dads in the media are ‘the last blonde joke’ – the person who’s job is to provide humour and show the superiority of the product and mom (b/c advertisers think moms make all houshold decisions anyway, so they kiss mom’s a**) As I see more dads staying home with their kids while mom works, I think these advertisers are alienating their target market.

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