Checking my blood sugar

Today is the first day at checking my blood sugar. So far it is great. I’ve had a 90 and a 126 before and after eating. My ideal numbers are 90 for a fasting number and 150 one hour after eating number. That is the minimum and maximum numbers to be. Yesterday my number was 224 but that was after eating pasta and drinking juice. It was just the test sample to show me how to work the machine, the actual diet begins today.
I go a week from today for my third ultrsound. I’m hoping they can measure him to see just how big he is. The doctor’s will be looking to see if my placenta has moved away from my cervix and to see if he is still breech. As of last week, he was still breech. I have lots of good movements, enough to make me very sore.
My body seems to be going into nesting mode already. I can’t sleep more than 45 minutes at a time and I feel that everything needs to be done. Already done. No more waiting.


One thought on “Checking my blood sugar

  1. Thinking of you with all of this . . . it seems that Murphy really hates you — having to carry a person around, kicking you from the inside isn’t enough . . . now you have to change your diet. Argh.

    Good luck.

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