Springtime means motorcycle time

I love spring for so many reasons. The green grass, spring flowers, tanning, sun, warmth, so many reasons. My biggest reason, though, it’s the best time for riding a motorcycle. The weather is perfect for it. Warm, sunny days and cool crisp nights.
I started riding when I was really young. I think my uncle used me to flirt with women while I was on the back of a bike. He could take me anywhere and hit on women and didn’t have to worry about them wanting to come home with him. Plus, who couldn’t resist a good looking man riding his little niece around on a bike?
After I got older, I didn’t ride as much. Nobody had a bike anymore and it slowly faded into the background of life. That’s until I met my husband one spring. He had grew up in Myrtle Beach, home of the third largest bike rally’s in the country and he had a bike. He had moved to Clemson to attend collage and brought his bike up with him the spring that we met.
We started riding to the store and just here and there. Then we started long distant trips to the mountains and getting lost on those curvy roads. It was on one of those roads that I was thrown from the bike after a peg dragged. I survived, three broken toes and a few cuts.
I do have to say that the bike was the reason my husband and I started dating. I wanted to feel the freedom and spring was the time for new beginings. We no longer have our bike. It’s one of the many things that parents give up for their children but one day we will be back on again. It will be spring, a new begining and an iron horse between our legs.
Just to show how much the bike was a part of our lives, we rode the bike from our wedding…



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