To My Valentine

As most of you have figured out, I really suck with words. I always know in my mind what I want to say but most of the time, they come out in a jumbled mess or I ramble. I will go ahead and tell you that this is an open letter to my husband, Gary. I don’t have money so I will do my best with words.

My dearest love,

The last 8 years have been the best years of my life. You literally were my knight in shining armour. You saved me from a place of complete darkness and torment. You were my strength to face my demons and my family. You held strong to me when all I wanted to do was give up. You showed me what true undying love is. You have walked in front of me to keep me safe and protect me, you’ve walked beside me when I needed a best friend and a hand to hold, and you’ve walked behind me to support me or catch me when I fall.
When I became disabled and was more of a burden than a wife, you were right there with me. Holding my hand and telling me that I would be back soon. You picked up my broken pieces and put me back together when I couldn’t.

You love our girls and want to see them live life to the fullest with complete support. You also want to protect them far more than they will ever let you. You get so red-faced when Random Girl brings home her little love notes. But you make her comfortable enough to tell you everything about boys, school, things she did right and things she did wrong. The girls trust you with everything and thats says a lot for their love for you. We may not always see eye to eye on discipline but in the end, it all works.

This Valentines Day, I can’t give you anything material or concrete to hold in your hands, but what I will give you is my heart. You will forever hold my heart in your hands, carry it in your pocket, or wear it on your shirt sleeve. It is your’s fully, no strings, no further commitments. I faithfully and humbly serve you and stand tall beside you. I have given you 3 beautiful girls and a boy this May. I will raise our children to love, honor and respect you as their father and as their friend. I will be your biggest supporter in life regardless of our situation. I will stand behind you with any decisions, with any life event, with anything, I will stand in my support. I will encourage you when you need it. Whether positive or negative, I will remind you what YOU are all about.

You are many things in my life. We’ve had really good times and really bad. When we are rock bottom you have always showed me how to hold my head high and look up to the sky. When we are on top, you reminded me to wear protective gear cause at anytime we could stumble, trip, fall, drive or fly straight to the bottom again. But you’re always right there with me.

I will close my letter to you now and leave you with just a few more words…

I love you


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