I Wanted 12 Kids

Yep, you read that right. Growing up, I wanted to have 12 kids. I don’t know why 12 was my number but thats what I wanted.
I grew up with the best of both worlds. I was my mama’s baby and my daddy’s only. My mom had 3 other kids from a first marriage. The youngest being about 14 years older than me and I have two nephews that are 2 years older than I am.
I guess you could say I grew up alone really. I lived in the country with lots of wooded land all around. I played for hours with my “friends”. Sometimes when I got into trouble, my “friends” had to be punished too. I always wanted a sister or brother that would play with me, fight with me and take up for me. I really didn’t know how to interact with others because I was so alone growing up.
I decided really young I was going to have lots of kids. They would never be alone and they would always have each other. I didn’t think 12 was such a bad number. You would always have someone to teach the younger and they always be close.
The more I think about it, the better that sounds but who is going to keep me sane trying to keep up with all of them. I love the idea of a big huge family but right now, at almost 37, I think four is perfect. We are still much bigger than most families we know. There is 3 years between Random Girl and Monkey. Then 19 months between Monkey and Punkydoodles. And 2.5 years between Punkydoodles and Trei. Their ages are close but not too close and I will most likey be the oldest mom in the bunch. I think I’m good with that. At least my husband is several years younger and he can help keep up with them.
I still think having 12 kids would be awesome but really, why do I want all that drama?


4 thoughts on “I Wanted 12 Kids

  1. My hands are far too full dealing with two . . . the thought of a third is enough to drive me insane . . . 12?

    I . . . just . . . I just wouldn’t be able to.

  2. Somehow a big family sounds beautiful! If someone stops talking to you…. There are plenty more! Yes, my current situation.
    I would like many children too but daddy says two is all I’m allowed…. I justify by dreaming of family vacations that too many children would eliminate. Thank you for the post… It was a fun read – probably because I can see why 12 would be a magical number that sounds like plenty of chaos but exciting.

    • Thank you. I have heard so many comments that are negative. It’s nice to have those that aren’t. Of course the bulk of my comments come on twitter. It’s also nice to have someone to post on here. I hope to get a laptop soon so I can explore your blog more (and others)

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