Why do I blog?

You know as I lay in my bed, I wonder what in the world could I blog about? I’m a stay at home mom that does laundry, washes dishes, gets kid up and ready for school, cook, clean, keeper of all things, etc… Probably no different than any other mom. I’m not special, have no special job description, the government doesn’t recognize my work. I don’t have a paid job to work at then come home to be mom and wife like most women do. So what makes me think someone might be interested in reading my blog? I don’t. I hope to use this to be more social with people, I don’t get out much. I hope to find people that are similar to me in some ways. I hope that through blogging, I can keep a logged history for my kids to see. I want a place where I can voice my opinion and maybe see the other side because of it.
I am a submissive wife by choice to my husband. (Which doesn’t mean what you pervs thinks.) I am home when he gets home from work. I try to have him supper on the table. I keep the kids 24/7, which means I do all the dressing, cleaning, feeding, shopping, school functions, etc that needs to be done. I feel that if he works 50-60+ hours a week to provide a home, food, car, clothes and any needs that we may have, he has the right to not deal with anything domestic in the home. Now, with that being said, he doesn’t just lay around when he is home. He keeps the outside going and any big projects I need. He takes the kids to places and we all veg when he is off work. For our family, this works.
In  January 2007 I ruptured my L5 disc in my back. I’ve had 2 surgeries and 3 epidurals because of it. This should tell you a little about the kind of pain I’ve been in since the rupture. I have had 3 completely natural births without the use of epidurals.  Up till I recovered from my second surgey, my pain was suicidal pain. If it had not been for the love of my husband and the love of the children we have, I would have died during that time. I still have pain, some days more than others, but I can live with this pain. My last surgery was in February of 2010. That November, I decided I wasn’t going to use my pain medicine at all. It was so hard. I had been on 6 high dosage pain meds, all narcotics for 3 solid years. It took me 6 weeks to completely be off them. Those 6 weeks was terrible. The withdrawals was almost as bad as being in pain. I almost couldn’t tell the difference. But I did it. I did it on my own, my own will power to live helped me so much.
So, why do I want to blog? No real reason, but to get to know you. I ramble a lot, as you can tell in this post. I am as country as turnip greens, cornbread and sweet ice tea. My door is always open and we have bonfires when the weather lets us. I may be a little backwoods/redneck but you wouldn’t have me any other way.
If you happen to make it to the end of this post, let me know what you think. Comments are my greatest tool and I take the good and the bad. I would love any suggestions as well. Hope to hear from you soon… XOXO


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