On Wednesday my husband and I went in for our fetal scan or ultrasound of our newest baby. Once we got into the room I was prepped with the jelly stuff (thank goodness it had been warmed) and the tech was finding the baby. The very first thing she said was that the baby was breeched and it was difficult to get the scans. She poked and prodded my growing belly til I was so sore that I was going to be sick. She had a very difficult time getting measurements but eventually got them. Then without warning we heard the words that we have never heard before, “it’s a boy.” The tech was very casual about the words. I wasn’t sure if I had heard correctly and was a bit shocked. I, quite loudly asked her what she had said. She softly said, “it’s a boy.” My husband let out his breath and I began to cry. The tech was very confused and asked if everything was ok. We told her that we had never heard those words before, we have 3 girls. She then began to cry with me. She showed us the “bits” on the monitor and saved the image for us. We finished our ultrasound pretty much in quite other than finding a small issue in the pregnancy that requires a new ultrasound in 8 weeks.
My husband was put in an exam room to wait on me to get my triage before my doctor came in. I had already began my texting to those closest and tweeted.  In the exam room, my husband had did all his texting and tweeting as well. We just sat looking at each other, with silly grins I’m sure. We talked about how we had the name for over 7 years but what are we calling the baby since he will be a third. The rest of the day is pretty much a blur because of the adrenaline rushes.
It will take a while for the family to come down from this high. I shopped for him today and felt so strange to not be drowning in pink. I think I can get use to it though.
So in 8 weeks, we will have another ultrasound and you will get to see a better picture but I will leave you with this one for now…



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