Mommy’s Kissies


I’ve noticed lately, just how much I kiss. Not in the romantic way but in the Mommy way. I give good morning kisses, good night kisses, just because kisses, bribery kisses, just about any kinda reason kisses. But the best kisses are the boo boo kisses. The smallest of our three right now just turned two. She is still learning steps, running, jumping and all kinds of fun new things. With that being said, we get lots of boo boo’s. I can always tell by the scream or cry if it’s a boo boo. I’ve kissed fingers, toes, ears, elbows, knees, ankles, noses, you name it, I’ve just about kissed it. This is the best part. The conversation that happens. “What’s wrong my baby? Did you get hurt?” “Mommy, I gut boo boo, right here, my finger, it hurt mommy, kiss it pease!” (Tears rolling down her dirty face) I kiss it and it’s like this miracle. There are no tears, no more crying, nothing but this amazing smile. I ask her if mommy made the boo boo go away with her kiss and she always says, “boo boo all better, thank you mommy! Gonna go play!” With that she is off to play and get another boo boo. I love being a Mommy.


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