Happy New Year’s

I want to wish everyone a happy new year’s from me and my family to you and yours!!!

I never make new year resolutions, nope never. But this year I am. I’m shocked, so is my husband, lol. It is short and sweet and very simple. It’s just one thing….


Sounds good, huh? The problem comes in when it has sub-catagories. It has the normal, I want to be more patient with my children, husband, parents etc… but what I want is to be more patient in my thoughts. They get so lost and I can’t seem to keep up because I have so much going at one time. I start neglecting my thoughts. Then I have to really concentrate on what it was I was thinking. It gets really hard to function sometimes because of that. I want to be more patient with my words. Things fly out of my mouth and I think, what the hell??? I can’t take my words back. They have done their damage and that’s it. I spend more time trying to “make it up” to somebody than if I had just been more patient with my words, it could have came out better. I want to be more patient with my actions. I don’t want to jump the gun and do something that later, I regret. I spend too much money, I know this. So I am dedicating a lot of my patience to budgting and trying to control my spending.
Last, I want to be more patient with my heart. I love unconditionally but I do fall out of love easily. People that should care about gets on every nerve in my body and makes things hard when we are all together. My heart has grown so hard that I have forgot what is important to me.
I think this resolution will be very hard and I hope, with your help, I can stay on track and see it through.
I want to know your’s no matter how little or big. You can leave it in comment or send it in a private email.
Thank you for your support and I look forward to knowing you more in 2012! HAPPY NEW YEARS FROM MY FAMILY TO YOURS!


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