Have you ever walked into a room and say “who made this mess?” And the response is always “NOT ME!!!” Yeah, me too. The thing is “not me” has a sister. Yep you guessed it…”she did it” and a brother “wasn’t my fault” and don’t forget the crazy red headed stepchild “I don’t know”. These phrases come out of my children’s mouth like second nature. I just don’t get it, why? When these things are said, they know everybody gets in trouble. (The middle child does try to throw blame at the baby and she usually accepts it too). It becomes funny in a way, when you are watching quietly or they are caught red handed. They still try the “not me”.
So my question lately when they say this is “who is not me?” The girls stop and stare at each other and of course, huh? comes out. Then they ask me the same question. I tell them that “I don’t know who this “Not Me” person is but when I find them, they are in a heap of trouble.” They usually giggle then start fixing whatever the problem was to start with.
I think I’m going to design me a wanted poster to put up on the fridge and in their room to remind them that the “NOT ME” Family is not wanted here and to move on. That way everybody doesn’t get in trouble and we can live happily ever after…


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