Happy, HEALTHY Kids

My husband wrote a blog recently and I was in a conversation on Twitter about the same time on the subject of vaccines. Just to go ahead and throw it out there, our children don’t have vaccines and they will not get them until they are adults, then that would be their wish to do so. I am very adamant about their health and well-being. I love my children more than words could ever describe. So wouldn’t it make sense that we would do everything in our power to protect them? We feel we are. See, at the age of 15 months our oldest child got sick from daycare. It started out as a cold, then became an upper respiratory infection, then bronchitis, then it became pneumonia. Our beautiful little girl was so sick. During all this, she had developed an ear infection and several types of yeast infections because of all of the antibiotics. By the time she turned 2, she was much better and hadn’t had any infections in a couple of months. So the responsible parents we were, we took her in to get her vaccines caught up. She had been so sick that we had to put her routine vaccines on hold till she was better. Her first set of shots was the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella). That was a Friday and she began her fever right away around 101-102. We just assumed it was going to wear off and decided to spend the weekend at the beach with my husband’s family. By Saturday afternoon, her fever had not changed at all and we were out of Tylenol. My husband decided to go down the street to a grocery store for some more. When he came back, K1 had her feet under my shirt on my ribs (she was so hot). He asked was she ok. I had not actually looked at her, but she wasn’t whining and complaining, so I had said I think so. That’s when things completely changed and not for the better. My husband scooped her up into his arms yelling at me to call 911. His mom began mouth-to-mouth. K1 was a dark purple/blue color and foam was coming from her mouth. She was completely non-responsive. When the paramedics got there, she was conscious but lethargic. Her temp was 106.5 when they took it. They put her in the ambulance and we took off the hospital. When we got there, she was a rush patient. We went straight in and the nurses and doctors started poking and prodding her. Her temp was 105.1 at that time. They ran every test imaginable. The only thing they came up with was febrile seizure, which is caused by a fever. This was the same fever she had since her vaccine. The fever started within 30 minutes of the shot and it never was less than 101. One doctor was asking about recent activities and we included the vaccine. He told us then that was more than likely the cause of this seizure.

From there, we started do lots of research on seizures and on vaccines. The two was mentioned a lot together. A LOT. We were lucky, the seizure that K1 had doesn’t cause damage, many times, the seizures from the vaccine does. While doing the research, we discovered that vaccines contain such things as mercury and embryos. Neither of which, I really want to put in my child. We decided at that time we were going to postpone vaccines for a while till we could get as many facts as we could find. I learned that vaccines, in a first world setting, is not needed. In a first world setting, you have plumping, septic/sewage, electricity, doctors, hospitals, medicines and such clean things. Before the 1950’s polio was a death sentence, there hasn’t been a confirmed true case of polio since then. What we have now, are the side effects of any of these diseases. Where do we catch them? Inside of a syringe in a vaccine. K1 had chickenpox the day after receiving her vaccine for chickenpox. In a first world setting, we are clean and getting cleaner every day. We do not live in a place where outhouses are still being used that soaks into the ground and then into the water. We do not live in a place where people have open sores that ooze with no medicine or medical treatments. Yes, I know we have homeless and underprivileged that live in these conditions, but they do have access to free clinics and medicines. Plus most were not born into these conditions and at some time have received vaccines.

With all of this being said. Do I believe vaccines are for everybody? No, I don’t. They are not for my family. Are they for your family? Maybe, I don’t know. They are a personal choice that a parent has the right to make. Unfortunately, the CDC, most doctors, schools, daycare’s want you to think your child is protected by these vaccines and that they are mandatory. They are not. They are a choice. Not a simple choice, but none the less, a choice. The state of South Carolina told us that we have to have vaccines before any of our children could enter the public school system. That is not true. Children can attend school without vaccines. You may have to provide the state with a health form, a declaration of exemption. You will have to have a reason, either medical or religious. Most cases, religious can be a simple “I don’t belive in my heart that it is ethical to inject a dormant disease into my child”.

I know this post is very controversial. Please read this and understand this is the choice my husband and I have made for the health of our children. This is the right thing for us. What you choose for your child is up to you but do know there is more to the vaccine than what you traditionally hear from your pediatrician. In the end, I hope I have helped somebody make a decsion or helped someone to look for more information. There is no reason to not know everything before putting something in your child.



2 thoughts on “Happy, HEALTHY Kids

  1. Gosh! What a story! That is really bad about all of the problems that you had with the vaccines. I learned a lot from this posting that I never knew. All three of my girls have had vaccines, and luckily never had any problems. You know I guess I come from the “it’s always been around” mentality and never really thought much about them being harmful. After reading this I am glad that mine had no problems but can certainly understand why you choose not to have them for your children. You are made to think that they are manditory for your children to a certain extent, especially for school. I think that may be why most people never think twice about having their children immunized. There has been a lot of controversy on this subject in recent years I know. I have seen Jenny McCarthy speak a great deal on it as to why her son is autistic. I think that there needs to be a better way to present these ideas to parents and not have it seem like it is “mandatory” like you explained about the schools. Good post..very informative and I agree you have to do what you feel is best for your children. At the same time coming from someone who did have their children immunized, I’m not so sure that I would choose the same road after reading information like this and in light of other information that has been in the media.

  2. Oh my goodness, how terrifying for you. And when you put it like that, I can totally see why you choose not to vaccinate. I do vacciante my children- I am lucky enough to have never- so far- had to see my child suffer like you have. I do believe vaccinations have a place but I also believe it is your choice. Great post, will share around as I think its important to hear the other side of the story.

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